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The Salerno train station is located right down town only a few blocks from the sea. However, since we do not know the actual docking location of your ship it is impossible to give you the distance and directions. The station could be anywhere from 4 blocks to 2 1/2 miles from your ship. If you are a bit too far you can just use a taxi or grab a local bus (many of the buses go to the stazione). My only problem with the SITA buses is they will not take you to Ravello. You can still go to Ravello by getting off the SITA bus at the Amalfi stop and than catching the local bus that goes from Amalfi to Ravello. That bus (to Ravello) only runs about once every 45 min which is a pain. Another option is to simply rent a car and drive, but than you have to deal with the hassle of parking at or near Positano. We love this area (have spent 2 extended vacations on the Amalfi Coast) but hate all the transportation hassles.