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yes i should have done more homework ,,i did ask question,s & yes all these thing.s are optional but on holiday i do like to have a drink all i am refering to is thing,s i read in the brouchure & was told in the forum example:: cover charge was told $4.95 when in fact it was double that also the chop,s grill was quoted as $9.95 when that was also double i was also charge $40 on my sea pass which i never spent & was refunded after 6day,s i have said if you don,t drink or pamper yourself yes it would be great but were,s the fun in that in port,s we were charge $24 each way for less than a mile journey they were not forthcomeing with any information on other modes of transport if you didn,t use there,s people who had be on this ship a few times were also moaning as these transferes were free & the drink were very expensive since there last cruise & {wait for it no chocolates were left on bed,s lol }i will go again and learn from this one 1 other thing il have a bit of a moan about is the gratuites which we payed up front for so we could do my time dinning only to be told we were on a list & the vouchers were made out to certain staff so you couldn,t give them to anyone of your choice which i would have liked to have done & yes my next cruise i will be older & wiser thx for all your comment,s good & bad and i will take it onboard {no pun intended} thx