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Originally posted by LHP:
Originally posted by Boneman:
I wish that Carnival was more like NCL in that they allowed us to purchase a 750ml bottle of rum at the beginning of the cruise. The cost was around $45-$50, but was a whole lot cheaper than buying individual drinks and we still had about a quarter bottle left over after the cruise. They had it waiting in our room with a bucket of ice when we boarded. I have asked Carnival about this and they don't offer this service.
There is a phone number you can call for the Bon Voyage department and order a bottle to be waiting in your cabin when you arrive.

You can NOT order it via the internet like other Bon Voyage must call.

The phone number is

Bon Voyage 800-522-7648
Price List as of 2/22/10
Capt Morgan Spiced, Gosling, Appleton VX, Bacardi $40.
Malibu $55
Absolute Citron, Stoli , Skye and Finlandia $40
Grey Goose, and 3 olives $60
Canadian Whiskeys:
Canadian Club and Segrams 7 $38
Crown Royal and Jamison $55
Dewars $60
Chivas Regal $60
Johnny Walker/Black $70
Jack Daniels $65
Makers Mark $60
Jim Beam $38
1800 - $55
Margaritaville $40
Salsa Hornitas (Sp?) $60
Patron Silver $70
After Dinner:
Raspberry Liquor $40
Frangelico $45
Jagermeister $60
Chambord $60
Limoncello $60
Disaronna $45


Bud/Bud Light 16 ounce $5.75
Miller/Coors Reg/Lite 12 ounce bottle $4.95
Corona 330ML - $4.95
Fosters Large 750ML $6.75

THIS IS TRUE - you must call Carnival Bon Voyage Services at the 800 number given, 15 days before your departure. You can order 2 - 1 liter bottles per cabin!

I'll stop trying to get my booze on board in the suitcase!