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Originally posted by LHP:
Originally posted by Boneman:
I wish that Carnival was more like NCL in that they allowed us to purchase a 750ml bottle of rum at the beginning of the cruise. The cost was around $45-$50, but was a whole lot cheaper than buying individual drinks and we still had about a quarter bottle left over after the cruise. They had it waiting in our room with a bucket of ice when we boarded. I have asked Carnival about this and they don't offer this service.
There is a phone number you can call for the Bon Voyage department and order a bottle to be waiting in your cabin when you arrive.

You can NOT order it via the internet like other Bon Voyage must call.

The phone number is

Bon Voyage – 800-522-7648
Price List as of 2/22/10
Capt Morgan Spiced, Gosling, Appleton VX, Bacardi $40.
Malibu $55
Absolute Citron, Stoli , Skye and Finlandia $40
Grey Goose, and 3 olives $60
Canadian Whiskeys:
Canadian Club and Segrams 7 $38
Crown Royal and Jamison $55
Dewars $60
Chivas Regal $60
Johnny Walker/Black $70
Jack Daniels $65
Maker’s Mark $60
Jim Beam $38
1800 - $55
Margaritaville $40
Salsa Hornitas (Sp?) $60
Patron Silver $70
After Dinner:
Raspberry Liquor $40
Frangelico $45
Jagermeister $60
Chambord $60
Limoncello $60
Disaronna $45


Bud/Bud Light 16 ounce $5.75
Miller/Coors Reg/Lite 12 ounce bottle $4.95
Corona – 330ML - $4.95
Fosters – Large 750ML $6.75

THIS IS TRUE - you must call Carnival Bon Voyage Services at the 800 number given, 15 days before your departure. You can order 2 - 1 liter bottles per cabin!

I'll stop trying to get my booze on board in the suitcase!