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What would be unethical, if not illegal, would be if a cruise line continued to accept individual bookings for a cruise they already knew was going to be chartered. I hope that isn't the case here.
Well definitely unethical, but I'm sure all the small print in that multi page cruise contract covers them for the illegal part. They do in fact take bookings after a ship has been chartered out. This happened to my brother. They were suppose to be on the NCL Dawn Feb 21st and they got bumped off because the ship was chartered. You Dave, actually found out who that ship was chartered to. It was Sixthman for the yearly "Cayamo" cruise. I did further research and found where Sixthman had announced that cruise, and it was way before my brother booked. So the cruise line indeed continued to take individual bookings. I just checked and "Cayamo" is scheduled for next Feb 13, 2011 on the NCL Pearl.