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It is quite common out in the county here too. One hit me last year - I say hit me because the impact was mostly on the side of the car. I didn't even see it until I felt the impact. It knocked the turn signal light out and dented the driver's side door so bad it wouldn't open. The deer got up and walked away believe it or not. It seems to be more prevalent at dusk here.

I recently read an article in our news paper about the deer not coming out in the bottoms to look for food much this year because they have an abundant food source from some kind of nuts due to all the rain.

I grew up around deer hunting, and deer season was a big deal. I just never developed a taste for it. Some friends in VA stock their freezer every year with it.

Gary, hope you don't have any insurance problems. My deductible was $500 and the damage wasn't that much. Since it was on my older car I just had my local mechanic bang the dent out and fix the light. I'm still missing a piece of plastic trim though. I'm just glad I didn't hit it head on. It makes me nervous driving with woods on both sides of the road that time of evening now. Ya never know when one is going to jump out.