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wilsondesign - Welcome Aboard to - this is the best place to be when you are stuck on the beach and 'tween cruises!! Thank You for your post on the Bahamas Celebration and a quick update on the cruise/vacation package.

I have noted recently that it is possible for myself to fly from Ct to Fort Lauderdale and take in a 3 night cruise on the Bahamas Celebration in Nov. for just slightly more than $500US traveling solo! (outside cabin,bunk beds,86sq ft.) Tempting for a weekend adventure!! (sigh!)

One need only scout out a low airfare and go to the new Celebration Cruiseline website and do it all with a click of your mouse! She looks like a fun ship - I for one, am game , and will probably give her a shot late next spring!!

Thank you for posting and....

Welcome Aboard!!