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Sonny, I'm SOOO far away from Diamond status, it's like trying to make our a building in the middle of the ocean. There was a seperate line for suite guests, that just went to the front of the line; that was ok, but after that, we were shuttled to FIVE different stations (ten of us in total), before they could find a computer or a person to run one, that worked. Even then, I had to make two trips to the desk obn-board to straighten out how I was going to pay for the onboard expenses, to the point that I received a "nasty" note in our cabin that I had gone over $500 , and they wanted a deposit at the desk to continue using our sea pass cards, and this was after I had already given(on the dock) my RCL Visa card to cover all expenses. Basically, it was the lack of control and organization on the DOCK that set me off. The ship has been, and is great (seas have been a little rough-gaven't got the drunken sailor walk down yet). A little longer and narrower than Mariner, but still one of RCL best ships.
More later-my minutes are almost us.

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