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Wee jack i can see your anger at the prices onboard rccl.
I can see why people sneak there own alchol onboard as the drinks prices are very high.
Im not saying this is the right thing to do.
As to photo's shuttle, excursions there all extras, If you had done your research on this site you would have learnt alot from experienced cruisers.
As to the duty free limits if your british you should know that if your outside of the EU your limit is 200 cigarettes per person and 1 litre bottle of spirits.
In my opinion cruising is getting more expensive every year as only the rich will be able afford to cruise in the future.
All down to the rising costs of fuel and making larger ships.
Were fortunate to be goin on the oasis in sept 2011 for 1 week,It has cost me more for 1 week on the oasis than 2 weeks on the freedom.

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