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This was me and my wifes first cruise. We've been lot's of places. We have to say this was one of the worse vacations we have ever been on. First is the close all hottubs at 10:30
After they were full of kids all day. Then our port of call was cancled and all we was refunded was $20.00 (what a ripoff) you don't think they mad a killing by keeping us on the boat gambling and drinking. We were aware of the gratuity of 10.00 a day. But we didnt know that you pay %15 on every beverage you get wether you get it or the bring it to you. And speaking on drinks while suning on the deck a waitress dumps a tray of drinks on me and my wife all we got was sorry not a towel or anything. The food was below fast food quality, burgers over cooked no taste, hot dogs were nasty, pizza was ok all you could drink was coffee,tea,milk or juices that taste terible. The best part was docking in Nassau and visiting Atlantis. I went to purchace a bottle vodka in the liquor store and was told they would deliver it to my room a 8pm that evening. This was at 1pm. my friend went to get one at4pm and the let him take his.(didnt understand that one) but i was over the boat and could not wat to get off the boat. I won't cruise with them again. and dont recommend it to anyone.