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Hi everyone! A newbie to here and cruising. We actually have our annual vacation already booked but are going to cancel it and book a cruise. We always go to Panama City Beach, Florida for our vacation but we are scared because of the oil spill. Since they haven't contained it yet, we want to have vacation plans that aren't going to be affected by the oil spill. My inlaws are coming over tonight to grill out and we are going to be making our reservations while they are here. We are planning on a Carribean cruise (Caymans and Cozumel) with Carnival in late August. Here is a question for seasoned cruisers, do the people on the phone at Carnival have the option of giving any discounts or upgrades? Ive always heard of people getting better deals when they call versus booking online. Since we are newbies, any and all advice is welcome! Ive done so much research online about cruises but I figure this place is better than any other website because all of yall have been there done that.....many times.

Another question, how much cash do yall take with you? We are planning on doing the sail and sign on board but Im talking about when we are off the boat. Thanks in advance and Im sure Ill only have about a million and a half other questions between now and when we sail.
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