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With all the discussions that I have been reading here, I'm getting concerned that maybe I have made the wrong desicion about taking a cruise (leaving 2/13 on RCL). All the talk about crowds, lines, money and credit or debit cards, it is a wonder anyone takes a cruise. I am traveling with my mother who is on Social Security, so very limited income, but she turned 70 and this is our birthday gift to her, but have we made the right decision? I guess I look at it this way: go with the mind-set that this is a vacation, I won't have the office calling or customers calling either. the phone may ring in my room, but it will be my brother letting us know they are up and ready for some fun. There will be lines, sure, but aren't there lines at Disney, and look how many people go there every year. I do not plan to take any shore excursions, I can find plenty to do wondering around the towns, and hey, if they all look the same, at least you can say that you have been there. The negativity posted here by several people just makes one really think if this is worth it, but I take it that most of these people have high expectations and when those expectations don't happen, they find no other good about the trip. Relax, take it as it comes and remember to laugh, because that is just what I intend to do.