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Using my evil administrator powers I see you are in Australia. I have no idea about any regulations you might have regarding travel providers.

Don't let this ruin your cruise. It is a comparatively minor glitch. Assuming your flight arrives on time you still have to retrieve luggage and go through immigration. That can easily take you to 8:30am before you see the outside of the airport. The port is near the airport. I'd be surprised if you had to wait more than 30 minutes or so before they'd take your luggage - and remember there is a $5 per bag holding service. Honolulu isn't going to be busting wide open at that time of the morning anyway, so you won't be missing much. I see your ship leaves at 11pm.

How about this suggestion? Get through immigration and retrieve the luggage, then have breakfast at the airport, then get some transportation to the ship? That will eat up some time in a productive way (you'll need food anyway).