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Originally posted by ChucksOK:
Originally posted by fivepoints:
Maybe the cruise line is afraid if people bring their own liquor, they'll get way too drunk onboard(?) I am happy to say I did not see any disturbingly drunk people on our cruise. I had heard and read horror stories on cruise chat, but nothing materialized on the ship. (Whew!).
No, it's really about money: 1) If you BYOB they lose money. 2) If you or someone gets blitzed on their own booze and falls off the ship - they (might) get sued. 3) If an underager gets blitzed on contraband booze, see (2) above. 4) see (1) above. Get my point? Why else would they include: "All liquor, excessive quantities of wine and nonalcoholic beverages" in their policy.

Okay. I may be very wrong. I just figured, possibly incorrectly, that the less money some folks had to pay out for liquor, the more they would be inclined to drink.