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Take a taxi from the port to the train station Livorno Centrale, cost about € 20.
Take the shuttle bus offered by NCL for €1 round trip ticket. It will leave you at the center of Livorno ( close to Trainstation ), exit the bus cross the street to the cigarette shop purchase a train round trip ticket from Livorno to Florence.
The train from Livorno to Florence is very easy and on time. Cost about € 17 p.p. round trip.

Train from Livorno to Florence

Departure station Arrival station Date Train no.
Livorno Centrale 09:11 h Firenze S. M. Novella 10:33 h 1/8/2008 3108
Livorno Centrale 10:11 h Firenze S. M. Novella 11:33 h 1/8/2008 3114
Livorno Centrale 11:11 h Firenze S. M. Novella 12:33 h 1/8/2008 3110

Train from Florence to Livorno

Departure station Arrival station Date Train no.
Firenze S. M. Novella 16:27 h Livorno Centrale 17:49 h 1/8/2008 3141
Firenze S. M. Novella 17:27 h Livorno Centrale 18:50 h 1/8/2008 11727

Don’t forget to validate the ticket by inserting it into the little yellow validation box located on the track that the train leaves from. You must also validate it on the return trip from Florence.
NOTE: If you are caught with an unvalidated ticket, the fine is 40 euro on-the-spot!

Since the train originates in Livorno and terminates in Florence simply stay on the train until it stops in both directions. Be aware that the train does make intermediate stops. However, once you arrive in Florence, the train station is only a few blocks from the epicenter of Florence tourism. When you leave the front exit of the train station look for the cathedral spire across the square. The road that will lead you to the Duomo is right on its left. You can't miss it. Be sure to get back on time to Livorno and get on the ship. There will be taxis waiting at the train station in Livorno.

Tip: take in the citties “Open Bus Tours” you can see everything and is cheaper then a taxi.