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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
It's funny when it comes to scooters. They are perhaps the most common vehicle one sees in cities of Europe, and they are respected by the other traffic.

I rented a car on St. Croix once and almost got in a wreck. I was doing fine driving on the left until I got to an intersection where I needed to turn left. Habit intrusion caused me to select the right lane when I turned onto the new street and I almost hit a truck head-on.

I supposed it would be different if I was staying on an island for a week. I still wouldn't rent a scooter but probably would get a car - and be especially careful while driving it. But for a cruise and the few hours one is in a port, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to rent anything.
I drive a scooter at home & often rent them in the Caribbean if the price is right & in St Thomas it isn't. The price is almost the same as to that of a small car (which can be split among another couple). From what I understand the high price is due to the high insurance rates they have to pay just in order to do business there. Unless your comfortable driving a bike at home, renting & practicing to drive one in the Caribbean, especially driving on the left side, isn't the best decision.