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Some ships also give Priority Debarkation when you get back...but that is not as consistant from ship to ship as it should be.
If it isn't consistent they need to fix it. It is supposed to be both.

I've cruised out of Port Canaveral a few times as a VIP. They have a pretty good set-up for greeting VIP's in the terminal. This last time (late October) was more than I expected with the VIP line outside of the terminal to go through security. I have always waited in line before I got inside to go to the VIP check-in.

Mind you this was terminal #10 that the Glory leaves from. They also provided Priority Debarkation information on the Glory. I was a Platinum VIP though.

I suggest tttrrr go to the Info Desk on the ship and get the Priority Debarkation info, just in case since it is such a late change.

BTW, tttrrr,

Bon Voyage!