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Originally posted by SailorJack:
Thanks Sonny and Dave (sounds like a Rock Duo!) Do you think anyone has ever been denied bording for bringing a bottle onboard?
I don't know. This policy change was a result of too many underage people sneaking booze aboard RCI ships and then causing problems - most notably when one young man got drunk and fell overboard last summer. He and his buddies smuggled a bunch of booze aboard in mouthwash bottles.

So - I'd say they are looking for it and if they find it they most likely are just taking it away and letting that be the end of it. The denial of boarding would probably happen if someone decided to show their "alpha" when confronted about it instead of admitting guilt and begging forgiveness.

I don't do it and don't recommend people do it. A liter of rum has around 25 shots in it. A rum and coke on an RCI cruise is around $5. So a smuggled liter of rum has a "ship value" of $125. Here in Alabama, a liter of good rum costs around $20. I am not willing to break the rules or risk losing my cruise for the sake of $105.