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Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:
Yes, I guess all commercials are deceptive to a degree. I find NCL particularly deceptive in the line that they don't tell you when to play. ALL cruise lines tell you when to play. Bingo, shows, pool games, etc. I respect that everyone has their reasons they like one cruise line over another. I have been on NCL five times. I don't have a problem with them, but do have a preference for some of the other cruise lines.
Getting back to the Commercials. I just find them as I said "deceptive", poorly done and not very effective.
Happy Cruising to All.
Of course NCL has activities scheduled throughout the day and night. You wouldn't expect the performers at the shows to be on all day and night. You shouldn't expect bingo being played all 24 hours, all 7 days of a cruise.
But is it playing to attend these activities?
I don't think so. As I take the new ads, NCL doesn't force you to dine early or late, which determines which show you can attend. You can dine early one night and attend the late show, or attend the first show and dine late the next night. That's something you can't do on other cruise lines. Therefore, I don't believe the NCL ads are being deceptive.
It's impossible to explain what they mean in a 30 second commercial, but using brief one liners in the ad isn't being deceptive.