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I was supposed to sail on Carnival Victory 12/31/06, but our flight from South Dakota to Chicago was delayed for 7 hours because of a mechanical problem. I thought it would be handled because we booked our airfare through Carnival. But between United and Carnival, they could not get us on another flight to Miami in time for Embarkation. In the end, the airline got us as far as Miami (at 11pm, rather than 1pm) and we had to fly AT OUR OWN EXPENSE to Grand Cayman because Carnival told us there are no flights to the ship's first port of call (Costa Maya, Mexico) and it was not safe to fly to Cancun, and take a 5-hour taxi to Costa Maya. We had a group of 9, so the 4-day detour in Cayman cost us an additional $4000 between airfare, hotel, and meals when we should have been on the ship. We finally got on the ship Thursday (1/4/2007), and spent 3 disappointing nights onboard. Once on the ship, we received no special treatment and there was no mention of any credit for our hardships.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have any suggestions on how to get some kind of compensation for our added expenses?