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It is very easy to get from Schipol airport in Amsterdam to the pier or to downtown. You can get a shuttle outside of luggage. It cost about $12 Euro. I had to wait about 20 minutes for the shuttle. You can also take the train right from the airport to the Central Station in the City. It is very cheap about 4 Euro. A taxi will cost I think about 45-60 Euro. It takes probably around 25 meeting to get into the city. I stayed right on Dam Square which was very convenient to walk to alot of things. But any location should be ok. They have a very good public transportation system. From the Central station you can take the public tram or the water canals. Just get some maps of the city and the canal system and have fun. If you fly in early and plan to go to the Anne Frank museum I recommend you get there first thing in the morning.