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First, I agree with all of you that we are each responsible for our own actions.
This response is mainly for "Joarc". I believe I am the one you are referring to about booking my 7 and 12 years old in their own room. Maybe I am being a little too sensitive to your comment. Yes, I did think about all the things that could go "wrong". That is why I posted on this board to get advice. I was told by a representative through RCC to book this way. I chose to book two adjoining rooms instead due to the feedback from this board and due to my own concerns. I even questioned the representative about this practice and he said "it is done all the time". I personally feel like you have attacked me without knowing the whole story. To read your post, it makes me seem like an uncaring mom, which I am not.
This board is a wonderful tool to help with cruising. I feel like I know some of you personally from reading about your trips (Hi, Sonny!!!)and I just wanted to defend myself.
I am sure your response was for the welfare of my children and I do appreciate this, but I wanted to explain myself.
Thanks, Tina