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Hi victim and welcome to Cruise-Chat.

I'm sorry your cruise turned out so poorly for you. I've been on Royal Caribbean many times, as well as the other cruise lines in its price class, and Royal Caribbean does most things better than most. What this probably means is that either cruising at this price point is not for you, or cruising in general is not for you. You may, however, have a better impression of another cruise line, if you choose to cruise again.

One of the reasons so many "regulars" and guests in this forum sign on to the Royal Caribbean section is that we've sailed on some or many of their ships that you listed, some many times over, and we like it enough to keep sailing on RCI. So while I don't think you're going to change anyone's mind about RCI with your post, I hope it made you feel better to write it.

Perhaps you would be happier with Princess, Carnival or Norwegian Cruise Line. I hope you try cruising again and have a better experience.