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Thanks for your quick reply to my question. I thought from NCL's Home Page I checked last night, that NCL wouldn't allow my new Power Chair that I haven't received yet. I am getting it through Medicaid, as Bob has a difficult time, at times, pushing me. I found out that they do allow Power Chairs onboard and will be able to get me on and off all Tenders they use. We are waiting for medicaid to get on the stick and approve my chair and it's been since late Sep that the wheelchair store sent the claim/order in. We will be calling Olympia tomorrow to see what the hold-up is, as I was told 2 weeks ago, that the approval would be made 11 days ago, but we know how slow the Government is.

Anyway, thanks for telling me about maui, that NCL has a port. Did I mention that my mom has paid for us to go on our first cruise? Combination Christmas, 25th Wedding Anniversary gift and my celebration from Chemo and being in remission with my cancer.

Again, thanks,