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Pretty soon every restaurant will have a charge. The more willing people are to pay the extra, the more the cruise lines will try to get more out of them. If everyone refused to pay extra and went to the main dining room things may change. When "reservation only" restaurants first started the surcharge was minimal and it was to cover the tip for the service people who were taken away from their tables in the main dining room. The reservation restaurants were originally started
as a place for couples and parents to get away for the night and have a quiet intimate dinner. Now the popularity of the restaurants has evolved into a money maker. As long as people are willing to freely fork it over then the cruise lines will continue to see what they can get away with. Look at RCI charging $14.95 in the main dining room for steak. If people just freely pay this without protest, then you can expect further changes and charges in the future. People create their own monsters by supporting them.