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Back in December I went on a cruise onboard the Norwegian Pearl. I did notice those "credit card-like" receipts I received at the end of the meal in those specialty restaurants. Those receipts (just like restaurants on land) had a space where you would write-in the tip amount. I did write in a few dollars. The waiter then would print-out a new receipt showing the new total that included your tip. Rather than dealing with two receipts, I just wrote in the word "CASH" on the tip line, and handed the waiter the few dollar bills cash for the tip.

I had no idea that the tips you wrote on the receipt would go into a pool, as someone mention here on this post.

So I wonder if giving the tip, in the form of dollar bills, directly to the waiter was better than writing in the amount in on the receipt? I guessed it all depended on how honest the waiter was with his fellow wait staff?