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Originally posted by Andrealovescruising:

The best feeling to describe it is the day after your wedding, after you've planned and prepared for a year. Suddenly, it's over.
A'ndrea, not for me.
The day I graduate I said "Ok, now I'm taking a six months or something to relax and look about for my door to open".
My wife - well, she wasn't yet - got mad.

We got married in about six weeks.
No honeymoon planned, no crockery, no furniture, no wooden floors finished.
Notice, no kids in sight.

Suddenly, it was done.

About 20 years later I'd have to sell in e-bay tons of "we can't miss this" IKEA stuff, piles of dishes, a dozen of "look, isn't it nice?" tablelamps, etcetera.

In this chaos I'm still looking for my six-months break: did anyone see it ? ...