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Originally posted by penny3333:
SailorJack, thank you for telling me that they no longer take you through the plant. I went years ago, and we actually got to go through the plant. Maybe it just got to be too much traffic? Maybe people were dipping into the vats? We did get samples at the end, but I don't remember being limited to 2. Like I said, it was years ago. I tried a mojito because I had never had one, but that's all I remember. I guess I shouldn't recommend the tour anymore. Either that or take it again

I would have answered sooner, but I just got back from a two week cruise (plus a couple of extra days in Rome).

Like all things, change is inevitable. Unless I have been somewhere (or done something) recently, I am often reluctant to recommend it because it may not be the same. If I do suggest something of that nature, I usually will do so with a disclaimer.

That said, the Bacardi tour is something to do in San Juan and hundreds of people do it nearly every day. To me, it just wasn't the same as going through the actual factory.

As to the drinks, when we were there last year they gave out two tickets - each good for one small drink. The secret is to go around and find teetotalers and ask for their tickets

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