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I hope all of the others who live in Southern Ca are also safe. We returned home yesterday after a mandatory two day evacuation. We got the reverse 911 call mandating evacuation about 8:00 PM Monday night. I posted in the Lido Deck section where someone else expressed concern about f-mattox and others of us in Southern Calif. but it is titled something else , so I thought I would post here where more people read. People are not used to the fact that there is a Lido section yet. We drove north to Dana Point for two days. More details are in the Lido Deck section under the other post. We are grateful that our hope, and that of our son and his family were spared, and that we are all safe.

And here is my cruise question, so this is a legitimate post in this section: How soon can I get out of here and get on a ship LOL?