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I'm new at this posting thing.... and somehow I don't see my 7 am original posting in the "Europe Port Chat"!!! Where did it go?

Anyhow, I need your help... and I'll re-post here my message.

Did any of you take the 12 days North Cape and Norwegian Fjords Cruise? I'm considering Princess/Grand Princess, but I'm a little concerned that perhaps my husband might get bored with 12 days of fjords...

As alternative, Princess has a 12 days "British Isles, Iceland and Norway Fjords" cruise from/to London. This one cruises about 4 days on the Fjiords North of Bergen, then it goes to Iceland. Any comment on this cruise?

Are the waters most likely going to be rough in June for the portion to Iceland or to the British Isles?

Last question: Costa/Magica offers a 7 days cruise the Fjords from/to Copenhagen, but I read few bad remarks/comments on the internet about Costa and Costa/Magica. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!