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We have gone on the Fiesta Party boat in Cozumel several times & always had a good time. At the time, children were permitted, but I see now that has been changed. The beach where it takes you is real nice and has numerous "toys" such as kayaks, tubes, etc. and further out in the water, there is a water trampoline & "ice berg" to climb on. There is also a area set off for snorkeling. On the boat, they have the free rum punches & beer & they take the drinks onto the beach when they dock, so you can drink even when you are lounging on the beach. We are not big drinkers at all, but it is a fun time. The boat ride over is about 45 min. & is fairly quiet. You have about an hour at the beach, and then return to the boat for the ride back to the ship. This is when the fun really starts - dancing, contests, etc. There is a little shopping area, and a small zoo in the back, although with the hurricane of last year, I'm not sure that is still there. There is also a covered pool.