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I'm not sure about the rooms up front, but while on the Miracle last year we hit some nasty seas. According to the little "weather/ship route speed and heading boards" that were near the entrance to the casino, the winds were nearly 50 mph. Some of the crew, including our waiter said this was the one of the worst days they had seen/felt.

It was our last "Fun Day at Sea" on our way back to Tampa when we encountered these monster waves. We sailed with another married couple and decided to REALLY explore the ship that last day to see if we had missed anything.

Well, we did find something we missed... the arcade at the very front of the ship. We played some games of air hockey... for about 2 minutes.
For some reason I didn't get sick. The other 3 in our group... well, thats a different story.

We made a bee-line for the mid-ship main lobby.
Once we got there it was all good in the hood so to speak.
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