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Just got back from the Liberty and had no trouble at all engaging people in conversation, or having a fun time with these strangers. Made friends from Argentina the first day at lunch and saw them over and over throught the week, same with the people with sat with at the quest. Staff was friendly as well and we learned about their homes, etc. I am not sure it could have been any less stuffy. Only "social problem" were with a few large groups from South America (sorry--not trying to group people, but . . . ) who did not understand any of the "rules", like when you join a line you should take the next place at the BACK of the line, or if you have to be 18 to be in a bar, you should probably be 18, or that no-one really appreciates great roving bands of unsupervised kids, especially people who left their kids at home, and if you touch food at a buffet line you should probably put in on your own plate (did they really think there were different rolls underneath?).
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