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only problem with booking through an agent is you have to go directly through them if you have any changes to the booking. When I booked my last cruise they knocked off 800 dollars off the total price and gave us an on board credit.
Make up your own minds I that.
Well of course you do. That is why the Travel Agent is your advocate. Why should you spend time on hold waiting to speak with the cruise line, not getting the same person, and half the time the person you speak to doesn't understand or can give you the correct answer? You make a quick call to your TA and she handles everything. Including getting you the $800 OBC. $800 ???

Diamond status is 10 cruise credits. Even if that was only five cruises (2 credits for suites or longer cruises), you don't think someone can form an opinion? During that 15 years Dave also went on many other cruises on different cruise lines. I think he is qualified to make an informed opinion.