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Although we liked the food, we didn't have lobster or baked Alaska on the Navigator in April either. It was our first cruise and our tablemates had said to expect it so we eagerly awaited it every night without luck. It was also a big anniversary for us and our travel agent had notified the cruise line but there wasn't a mention of it (not that I expected more than a "Happy Anniversary" at dinner). I guess I should have said something or pre-bought a cake(?) but I figured they must do something since they asked at the time of our reservation if we were celebrating something. None of these things ruined our cruise and as I said, we loved the food. Not to change the subject, but we pre-tipped for the cruise. Does this mean that the dining room waiter received a tip if we went or not? She was fine but towards the end of the cruise, we were only hurrying to dinner out of guilt for her waiting and the hopes of lobster!