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Just off the NCL Star:

Specialty restaurants: as of 11-18-2008

Le Bristo $15.00 per person.....EXCELLENT FOOD
Chocolate Fondue for 2 as desert is EXCELLENT
Highly suggest Le Bristo to all NCL cruisers.

Cagney's $20.00 per person..Extra $10 for Lobster and Filet

Endless Summer (Tex/Mex) $10.00 with free Margarita for each paying person.

La Trattoria $10.00 per person.....Italian

Ginza...(Asian Fusion) $15.00...Good Asian food

Teppanyaki $25.00...good show

Soho Room $15.00

Garden Buffet...No Cost

Aqua....Main dining...No Cost

Versailles..Main cost.

Blue Lagoon...24 cost...great comfort food.

In Ginza we ordered three main dishes....
In Versailles we ate three lobster tails each.
Lobster now served 2 nights in main dining rooms.

Room service 24 cost for menu items.

Fresh squeezed orange juice ..Small $2.50 glass
Large $3.50 glass

Coffee and Iced tea in Market cafe or any restaurant ...No cost

For those in Suites..Penthouses...Garden Villa was special breakfast and lunch invitation in Cagney's at NO COST. Cagney's for breakfast has a nice buffet set up and you can order off the menu also. 5 oz steak filet and eggs for breakfast on breakfast menu....GREAT traditional Eggs Benedict......Great 10 oz. Sirloin on lunch menu. Excellent Service.....Excellent atmosphere.

NCL-U....Martini clinics and 5 Martini's (3 oz.) for $15.00 at Gatsby's Bar... Each Martini different type...lots of fun. See Freestyle Daily for daytime schedules.

NCL-U ...Margarita clinics and 5 Margarita (3 oz.) for $15.00 at Gatsby's Bar.....each Margarita different type...lots of fun.

Lots of outside (poolside) BBQ's.....No cost.
Topsiders Bar and Grill...Buffet line for breakfast and lunch. Burgers, dogs, brats, special Mexican Buffet.

Special ice cream station on Deck 12 in Market Cafe.

Market Cafe, lots of Asian food, sushi all at NO COST for lunch.

Sushi Bar..(in evening..after 5:00 PM).....(located in Ginza)...$10.00 all you can eat.

Many items in Main Dining room also offered in the main buffet (Market Cafe) on Deck 12.

Aqua Main Dining after 5:00PM...NO SHORTS..same for Versailles Dining Room.

I am sure that all ships are priced the same with different names for specialty restaurants on each NCL ship.

Since your paying the extra fee, don't be afraid or embarrassed to order multiple entries.

Hope this info helps all NCL cruisers.