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Hey guys, thanks to all of you for replyng to me. Dave, your input was very helpful and yes it is the Carnival Triumph (does look like a nice ship)

Personally, yes I would rather do a Carrebian vacation but we are leaning toward the Canada trip for several reasons:

1. Cost is less expensive.

2. We live in New York so we can save money on airfare (as a first time cruiser I thought it would be silly for me to go to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and pay extra for airfare when I have a port a short ride away).

Yes I would prefer the fun in the sun relaxing by the pool type thing. But ultimately we want to meet people our own age, hence if there is ample enough single people our age looking to hang out, then about 75% of our contemplation is solved!

We'll see.... thanks for your input!