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Thanks folks. It is true that you get what you put in. I heard some absurd complaints while onboard and almost started laughing. I cant believe people expect to be waited on hand and foot like some movie stars when there are 2500 other people that need to be taken care of. The minor things happen, even at 5 star all inclusive resorts. I just rolled with it and made sure they didnt ruin anything.

We are planning another trip possibly for next year. We are looking into an Alaska cruise onboard the Holland America ships as per a few folks and staff that have done them. Also looking at a possible Eastern Carribean or a Southern Carribean. Not sure yet. The little lady is looking at other things such as all inclusives.

We had a blast and it was an amazing trip. Some of the highlights from memory...

Stary nights. I couldnt belive all the stars!! We were even blessed with a meteor shower on Sunday night which the ship even announced and served cocktails during.

Spirit Idol.. this was the ships version of American Idol. It was held in the Majarajis(sp) Lounge. I enetered an took second place which gave us a free night of drinks at the bar.

The Broadway show put on by the Spirits dance team. Basically a two hour broadway musically hitting all the major musicals from Le Mis to Cats to Rent. Very well put on and a big hit.

The comedy jugglers called Shark Bait. These guys were amazing not just because of the juggling but because of the crowd participation and also the finally which for the night it was done with the amount of ship rocking and rolling was a feat in of itself. I wont tell you what it was because a few of you are going soon and they will be onboard for awhile and I dont want to spoil it for you.

Those are just some of the great memories. We had so many it will be sometime before I remeber them all. Its all still kind of a blur.

Thanks again everyone for all your help you were the ones that made the cruise for us. You all calmed our fears and worries and helped us experence the cruise the correct way without preconcived notions of service or style.