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Hi attard, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry to hear about your problems, and I am going to say problems. Because if everything doesn't go well, you'll be having to make arrangements to get to your first port of call. This happened on our last cruise to quite a few people. They flew to St. Barts only to not be able to board due to the weather and had to fly to Tobago. Not only did they miss out on a good number of days on board, but they spent a lot of money that they hadn't planned on spending. One gentleman had maxed out his credit card, don't know who worked with him, but someone helped get him to Tobago. Make sure you keep NCL's number with you, and keep in constant contact with them. I hope everything goes well, but be prepared if it doesn't. Start checking on flights now, just so you'll have a plan in place.

Best wishes, and once again, welcome aboard!