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I too have done it both ways. Here is my take on it. If you have a good deal or if you have around 80% of it paid for then go ahead and have a good time. The reason why I say this is because you will be able to pay the remaining balance off in just a few month afterwards. Don't cut you vacation short because you don't want to go into a little debt. Now i would not go any more then 20% of the total cost into debt other wise it is just to hard to catch up from it. This of course is if this is the trip of a life time thus far for you and your kids. I have taken a second job bartending saturday night a month before to give us a few hundread dollars more for the trip. It's all about where can i cut from the regular month to month budget and how can I raise my income to be able to save the extra 400 per month for a cruise a year. My fiancee and myself ended up saving over a thousand dollars a month by watching our money more carefully and her picking up two extra shifts a month and myself in sales spend two nights a week at the office late prospecting for new business. Now we are only 23 yrs old so that's easy to do but come up with your own. We are going to Hawaii in the Fall for our honeymoon, flying first class there and back plus a cat 11 suit just by doing though's things for the last year.