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The TSA rules are indeed about liquids only, not pills. TSA is not going to hassle someone over how they are carrying dry drugs. On the other hand, Customs and Border Protection can do so and they have, but my impression is they only invoke their authority in this area when it suits them - such as when they want to make an impression on a wise guy. And then there is the time the Customs people in West Palm Beach had Rush Limbaugh arrested because he had a ****** pill without a prescription. Of course that charge was later dropped. Customs at West Palm Beach airport have a reputation for being jerks.

I take four different meds daily and order them in 90-day supplies. It just doesn't make sense for me to carry the whole supply along on a cruise, since things could get lost and then I'd get home and not have any medication. So I take along enough to cover my cruise (plus 3 extra days for "just in case") and pack these pills in smaller containers.