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Dear Mizom58-
You made the right choice! My husband and I did the same cruise out of Philly on the Empress in May 2006. It is a smaller ship but still has all the amenities (minus the skating rink). The port in Philly is great, easy to get to, was well organized. There was even free lemonade and cookies in the terminal as we waited, they put you in groups to approach the check in desks. But overall it was very smooth getting on the ship. We had a lower category room, just a window and it was fine! Luckily our window faced out to the water when we were in port, (some rooms looked right into the Bermuda Port Building while we were docked, may want to check on that one!) It was wonderful to wake up and see the wonderful Bermuda sea every morning. It is a great island and I have to admit the only rude people we met on the island were the Americans!!!! There was an unforunate line cutting event while waiting for the bus and it was Americans, the Bermuda people are wonderful and very kind. Be sure to get a transport pass when you get there. Get it for the week and you can ride the buses and ferries for free (after paying for the pass). We got on the bus to go to King's Wharf and sat next to a very nice lady who told us all the sights we were going past and that was on the public bus!!! You really made a great choice!