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Hi biguntx,
I haven't been on Costa for years, but couldn't pass up the prices for the Christmas week. Normally, all cruise lines double their prices, Costa was offering it for $779, so I couldn't resist. The last time I sailed Costa was on the Carla C and had a ball. The ship was old and you could tell that, but it was clean. The crew is definitely a mixture and the passengers were more foreign than American, but I think that added to the experience. The food was mainly Italian, however, they had steaks or chicken that you could choose. The crew were much more lively than on some of the other lines, the waiters sang/hummed/whistled most of the time. They danced in the dining room and encouraged you to dance and sing along with them. The Magica is a relatively new ship, so I'm excited about touring her. My husband hasn't been on Costa, so it will be a totally new experience for him. He only started cruising after he met me, so he's only been on Carnival and Princess. I hope Costa is as fun as it used to be. I'll let you know when we get back.