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I have used Priceline often, for hotels only. A lesson I learned, is I always bid on a 4 star hotel and above. Once I bid on a 3 star and it was a complete dump, I was NOT happy with the choice. That sucked, cause the money is nonrefundable. But, at that point I didn't care. I rebid on a 4 star for the same trip, and was lucky enough to get the Marriott for $50/night in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The hotel was under construction. That is often the case. I have read that hotels often put there empty rooms on Priceline, when they are under construction. I have read on tripadvisor, where people have stayed in a room they bid on, and the construction was pretty significant, and to the point they felt it disturbed there hotel stay. They don't tell you that the hotel is under construction either. You find out when you show up. So, I guess if your willing to save some $, in exchange for possible some construction, go for it. I have also used Hotwire, with no problems for hotels also. You get a little more info about the hotel, before you book it. Another thing to remember, is that most other countries have lower hotel standards. What we in America would consider a 2 star, they call a 3. Keep that in mind when you bid. Hope this helps, Lil' Lori

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