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Was on Ruby Princess the 1st week of March.
Booked 3 excursions with Island Marketing. They sent me confirmation emails. First, let me say that I had fun and was very pleased with Island Marketing in Cozumel, even though one excursion was cancelled due to the weather conditions. The Grand Cayman excursion was a different story. We went to the meeting place at downtown Georgetown as stated on the confirmation email. We waited and waited (together with another family of 4), and finally, 40 minutes passed the meeting time, the driver showed up. He offered us another excursion at a later time but we did not accept due to the time constraint in getting back onto the ship. He said he'll call Island marketing and cancel the whole thing and we'll get our refund. After 3 emails to Island Marketing, their response was - read the fine print on the bottom of the email - NO REFUND. It was not the refund that really ticked me off with Island Marketing, it's their response, or lack of. People, should you use Island Marketing, you must be very careful and read all the fine prints.
Taxi fare from the airport to the cruise port was $7 with meter on. After disembarkation on March 7 @ around 8 am, hopped onto an Intercity Taxi (Phone #954-333-3333) and the driver was a black guy and his number/or the cab number was #529. The meter was not on, and he charged $15 once we arrived at the airport. I tried to tell him about the $7 but he responded with a very threatening tone - I just gave him the $15 and got out. People, negotiate the fare before you get on a cab at Ft. Lauderdale.