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Hi again. I checked my cruise documents for mention of not allowing pax to bring irons on board -- and it's not specifically indicated. However, there is a clause that mentions "any goods of a dangerous nature," which I suppose is wide open to interpretation. Still, as fire is a major shipboard hazard, I strongly advise against bringing one.

crusing boo boo, if I'm interpreting your post correctly, housekeeping gave you an iron for use in your cabin? Did it have an automatic shut-off? I also know that many of the cabins had ironing boards in the top drawer of the desk at one time -- I suppose some still do.

I also saw while looking through my papers from our last two N. Majesty cruises that there was a laundry special during the week -- the cabin steward would give you a laundry bag and anything you can fit in it would be laundered for one flat fee. It was $20 in 2005; I don't have the figure for 2006.
Happy cruising!