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Hello everybody,

the "Oceanic" has not been sold for scrap. She continues to operate weekly cruises in the Mediterranean for her owners, Pullmantur Cruises of Spain. "Oceanic" is a very popular ship on the Spanish market, and Pullmantur recently invested quite a lot of money into upgrading her.

David, you're mixing up "Oceanic" and "Eugenio C", which are two different ships built for two different companies, even though their general hull design is identical ("Oceanic" is somewhat longer, however).

The former "Eugenio C" later "The Big Red Boat II" was sold for scrap earlier this year and is currently enroute to India or Bangladesh for demolition. However, due to a sudden decrease in steel prices, she is currently moving very slowly as her current owners, cash merchants, hope that steel prices will increase again so that they can sell to a scrapyard for a profit.

As far as Premier Cruises' other ships at the time of their demise are concerned, none of them with the exception of "Oceanic" are in active service any longer.

"SeaBreeze": sunk
"The Big Red Boat III" ("IslandBreeze"): scrapped in India
"SeaWind Crown": scrapped in China
"Rembrandt": to become a floating hotel in Rotterdam, currently in Gibraltar for asbestos removal

And David: Carnival's first ship was the "Mardi Gras", which was built for Canada Pacific as the "Empress of Canada". She was scrapped in India in 2003. "Carnivale" was also built for Canada Pacific as the "Empress of Britain". Today, she sails regular around-the-world cruises for Japanese organization Peace Boat, bearing the name "The Topaz".
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