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Originally posted by Lady Vidora:
I was just wondering...I got cruise insurance, but I don't have all the "fine" details on it just yet. Does good insurance normally cover any charges if you have to go to the medical people (I don't know whatyou call it on a ship) for something fairly simple like a sinus infection. What about things like anti-biotics? Does the ship carry that stuff? I get a lot of them in the winter, but I actually think I'll probably feel better than normal because sea air does wonders for me !
I have had 2 experiences with the Medical facility on board Carnival. One was a lost contact under my eyelid. The Nurse rolled the lid up recovered the lens, but it in a container with saline and sadi have a nice day. No Charge and a good experience. The second was when my wife dumped her bicycle on a tour in Barbados. The tour gave her first aid and radioed the ship. She was ok, just bruises and scrapes, and when we returned we were greeted with the news that a Dr was in the infirmary if we wantedd to see him. Went down and got it cleaned and disinfected got some 3 way antibiotic cream, severl packages. Very good service and again no charge.
However I also have a friend that cut his toe severly at night and got very poor service, had to have a friend nearly carry him down bleeding all the way and then the wait was long and the aid minimal. I do not think he was charged because he was crew and this is what they get for medical coverage. I think Carnival could have charged us for both or either and just didn't because it would be bad business for such a small sum and really cost them nothing. Big expensives to them are probably charged at the posted rates.

By the way, in response to the couple that spent an hour lookig for the infirmary, I can sympathize but being the parinoid that I am ther infirmary is one thing I locate early in the trip. Usually on a low deck.