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Disney is best for younger kids; if teens are young at heart (or have a soft spot for the mouse) they will enjoy it too. It is more expensive than most other lines, and does not offer a 5- or 6-night cruise; your choices are 3-, 4-, and 7-nights that time of year. You can combine the shorter ones with the rest of the week at WDW. Carnival is also generally good for kids, and may be a bit more teen-friendly. I'd go with one of the newer ships (Triumph and later.) Royal Caribbean, especially on the Voyager-class ships, has some great activities onboard that will appeal to your older kids. Not sure if the newer Carnival and Royal C. ships offer shorter cruises (i.e. less than 7 nights) - I think not, as a rule. I agree with Sonia, that Princess is not especially child-friendly.