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I have been to MB only once and I have only wonderful memories! There were 13 of us and we planned a day at Sunset Beach Resorts. We walked into the terminal and a woman approached us and asked where we would like to go and how many. She hailed a new van with a wonderful driver to drive us the very short (maybe 1 mile) drive to the resort. We could see the ship from the beach. Normally many would walk it but I guess not there.
At the time the cost was $20.00 adults and $10.00 children but I have heard it has doubled since they put in the water park. The cost included the use of the beach, chairs, all non motorized watercrafts, all the drinks including alchohol and all the food you want. They also have swim up bars and very nice pools. We had a marvalous day. We arranged for our driver to pick us up at 2pm and when we came out, there he was! We were not harassed once. Check out the resort at I would not hesitate to go back next time I am there. It would be ashamed to pass up such a great beach day.