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Yes, Carnival did exactly what they should have done. It was the only responsible decision.

And yes, the CDC is overreacting.....because that is how you stop a mild strain of this flu from becoming a SuperBug that kills millions of people.

Once it becomes a Super Bug ... it is to late.

This Swine Flu is not like Norowalk at all. Norowalk will not mutate into a Super Bug

Yes, 30,000+ die from the flu every year but they are the physically weak and elderly and this is just the illness that puts that last nail in their coffin.

This flu strain (even as mild as it is) is killing otherwise healthy 30 and 40 year olds.

Over zealous actions now will "hopefully" insure that this does not mutate to a Super Bug AND does not mutate to birds.

Pigs and people we can control....but it is mutates to birds.... (especially if it mutates to the killer strain).... we really have a battle of life and death on our hands.

I (personally) am glad that the CDC is overreacting.....because I would rather squash a mild strain than battle a Super Bug.